Kyle Becker:    Owner
Michael Russo:
   Piano Tech.

Becker's Piano Tuning


Keeping your piano in tune!

Meet Our Team

Kyle Becker
Owner/ Piano Technician

Kyle Becker owns a degree in music (piano major/ vocal minor) from the University of Valley Forge graduating with honors.  He has studied both classical and jazz.  Kyle has worked on thousands of pianos including performing artists like Willie Nelson, Jack Johnson, Branford Marsalis, and Bruce Hornsby.  Along with private owner's pianos, he has tuned for many of the major entertainment venues in Hampton Roads, colleges, public and private schools, local piano stores, hotels, restaurants, and military bases, He plays for private parties, events, Joy Ministries, and leads worship each Sunday at Trinity Church in Virginia Beach.  He has written and produced two CD's of instrumental music.  Kyle loves travelling with his wife Anna, playing piano, running, watching the Pittsburgh Steelers, and spending time with family.

Michael Russo

Piano Technician 

Michael Russo has recently completed a Bachelors of Music in cello performance at Old Dominion graduating top of his class amongst music majors.  He has played with multiple small ensembles and with Symphonicity (the symphony orchestra of Virginia Beach).  Michael apprenticed with Kyle for piano technology in 2018, has tuned hundreds of pianos, and works on pianos full-time with Becker's Piano Tuning.  Michael also has perfect pitch.