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Keeping your piano in tune!

Rates & Services

Pitch Raise
Replace Strings
Replace Keytops
Hammer Reshaping
Action Regulation
Fix Broken Hammers
Fix Flanges
Fix Sticking Notes
Replace Bridges
Replace Casters
Minor Cosmetic Repairs
Replace Hinges
Replace Pedals
Fix Double Striking
Fixing Unwanted Sounds
Setting Pins
Pinblock Treatment
Replace Agraffe
Letoff Regulation
Bridle Strap Replacement
Elbow Replacement
Pin Lubrication
Center Pin Replacement
Key & Flange Rebushing
Piano Purchasing Assist
Piano Selling Assist
Piano Serial Number Lookup
Dampp Chaser Installation
Piano Set-Up (grand and upright)
Trapwork Assembly
Tune Roll Player Pianos
Tune Square Grand Pianos
Twisting Bass Strings

Standard Piano Tuning: 
Pitch Raise:  $30  If the pitch is severely flat, (stemming from not being tuned or serviced regularly) I can raise the pitch of the piano, if possible, to industry standard A440 

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 Repairs:    Repairs will be assessed upon inspecting the piano. 

 Basic Cleaning Service:  $35
I have specific cleaning tools used for cleaning the inside of pianos.  

Piano Inspections:  $75
A piano inspection includes a full inspection and verbal evaluation of the piano (useful for when you are interested in purchasing a piano or deciding what to do with the one you have).  

Piano Appraisals:   $120View Image
Appraisals include a full inspection of the piano and a written evaluation and value of the piano (useful for insuring a piano, selling a piano, or before a move)

Need a pianist?
 I also play for weddings, parties, funerals, dinner music, etc. Call me or send me an email.  I'm proficient in classical, jazz, background music, singing, etc.  Click here for more info.


New Keytops:    $220-$230  
Completely replace all old keytops with new ones (white or off-white) 

Treble String Replacement (individual string):   $25 

Bass String Replacement (individual string):   $35

Pedal Restoration:   $10
If your pedals have lost their shine, we can shine them up, taking off years of tarnish.  

Looking for a piano teacher?  (click here for recommendations)


Call Kyle at 757-589-9177 if you have any questions.

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