Becker's Piano Tuning

Keeping your piano in tune!

Rates & Services

Standard Piano Tuning:  $95


Pitch Raise:  $30  If the pitch is severely flat (hasn't been tuned for a long time), I can raise the pitch of the piano (if possible) to bring it back to A440.View Image


Repairs:  Depends on the job.   I will need to check the piano out in person to determine what needs done. 


Basic Cleaning Service:  $25-$35

I have special cleaning tools (soundboard rod cleaner, high-powered Data-Vac air compressor, etc.) to clean the inside of your piano.  Getting every nook and cranny perfectly clean (example: cleaning around the tuning pins in a grand) takes more time. 

Piano Inspections:  $65
A piano inspection includes a full inspection and verbal evaluation of the piano (useful for when you are looking at purchasing pianos)

Piano Appraisals:   $120View Image

Appraisals include a full inspection of the piano and a written evaluation and value of the piano.   

Need a pianist?

 I also play for weddings, parties, funerals, dinner music, etc. Call me or send me an email.  I'm proficient in classical, jazz, background music, singing, etc.  Click here for more info.


New Keytops:    $220-$230  

Completely replace all old keytops with new ones (white or off-white) 


Treble String Replacement:   $25 

RBass String Replacement:   $35


Pedal Restoration:   $15

If your pedals have lost their shine, I can take off years of tarnish (steel wool and Brasso).  This can also be useful if you're interested in selling your piano.


Looking for a piano teacher?  (click here for recommendations)




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I accept cash, check, or
***A $3 service charge will be added when using a credit card***


For Eastern Shore and NC residents:  Additional charges apply (covering time & fuel).  I do make trips to North Carolina and the Eastern Shore from time to time, but I can't guarantee an immediate booking time.  Give me a call and I'll see when I can get your piano tuned.  Thanks!

Call Kyle at 757-589-9177 if you have any questions.

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